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Updated Construction Plan and Road Closures for Grand Prix of Boston

UPDATED 2/22 - Track events schedule was expanded to include 8/31 and 9/1.
On February 9th, IndyCar Boston held an informational meeting at the convention center and presented new details about the race.
An expanded, 7-month construction plan was presented, starting May 1st with "pre-race" road construction and running through November. Most of the construction is still scheduled to happen at night, from 8pm to 5am.
Proposed road closures and changes to the Silverline for race week were also outlined. Schedules and details for the music concerts were not presented, outside of some information in a post on their Facebook page which offered VIP access to tickets for people who supported them at the meeting. It hinted that the acts have "38 Grammy awards and 17 CMT awards" and that they would be performing both at stages "setup around the track" as well as the Blue Hills Pavilion.
Other changes of note:
  • Silverline Way T station will now be shutdown for the entire race weekend
  • Finish line was moved from D St to the Haul Road
  • Medians on D St will be removed permanently
  • Cypher St is now being widened to the South as well as to the North.
In addition, a map of the track and race facilities was released. We believe this is current (as of Feb 10th).
Grand Prix map
Here again is the previously-released August and September Construction Schedule. One for May-June-July has not yet been released.
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