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IndyCar Boston Construction Schedule

Updated 2/15: Please see our more recent post for latest information on construction schedule and plan:
UPDATED 2/11: Please see additional slides below with full schedule. We were led to believe work would start in July, however, the new schedule includes "pre-race" work starting May 1st. Here are the additional timelines released by IndyCar Boston on 2/9. These do not include "pre-pre-race" work such as trucking in the barriers which as already started (as of 2/10).
Grand Prix Organizers made public an initial construction plan which appears below. While we applaud organizers for getting this out, it should've been done with community input and with enough time to meaningful change it. As it stands, it completely ignores community sentiment and has most of the work scheduled at night from 8 PM to 5 AM, including the sections near thousands of residents and local businesses.
While organizers have refused to work with residents, we encourage you to make your voice heard to your elected officials. The race is far from a done deal as organizers have a number of permits from state and federal agencies left to get.
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