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IndyCar Boston Bribes Supporters to Show Up at Community Meeting

IndyCar Boston organizers were caught offering supporters VIP access to concert tickets if they went to a community meeting and showed their support for the race.
A post on their Facebook page told fans "we will give you priority access to all music events the weekend of the race" and highlighted that the musicians "have a combined 38 Grammy awards and 17 CMT awards" and that the concerts "will be a rare opportunity to see these large performers in intimate venues". The post has since been taken down.
The meeting was the first public meeting the organizers have held since signing a letter of intent with the city and was promoted as an informational session for the local community to learn about the impacts of the race and provide feedback on the plan.
Attendees were also made to sign in as either "*For*" or "Against" and provide their name and email. A representative confirmed that only supporters would be eligible for the VIP ticket access.
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